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Singapore 150164

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Web www.wenpingsingapore.com

Company profile

W. P. LAI & COMPANY represents clients in filing and obtaining registration of their intellectual property assets such as Patents, Trade Marks and Designs in Singapore, Malaysia as well as in foreign countries.


A member firm of the Wenping Group of Intellectual Property Firms, the Group has offices in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. With technical expertise and support of the Wenping Group (founded in 1949), we add value to the efforts of Singapore SMEs as they expand overseas and export their products and services to foreign markets. SMEs can venture out with the full assurance that their brands, designs and patents are also protected in these markets. After all, we have more than 30 years experience working with Singapore SMEs.


We hold your hands from the moment an idea or concept is born, drafting and filing patents to protect the invention, filing designs to protect aesthetic aspects of the new article and filing trademarks to protect your brand. We also manage your portfolio of Intellectual Property assets, during the life time of these intellectual property assets, so that Singapore entrepreneurs can concentrate on what they do best – building up their businesses and markets.


  • Consultants - Intellectual Property Management (Includes Consultants under the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and SPRING Singapore Intellectual Property Management (IPM) for SMEs Programme)
  • Consultants - Patents, Trademarks & Designs